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Powerwatch Forums - View Thread - How to ground a Metal Roof on a house

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How to ground a Metal Roof on a house

Post Time: 21/04/2010 21:47:35
Total Forum Posts: 11
Greetings from the States,

We are renting a house in a great area, but the house has a metal roof. My wife is experiencing electrical symptoms, even when all circuits are switched. We are wondering if the metal roof might be causing some of these effects, and if grounding the roof somehow might help. Ideas?

Many thanks in advance,

- Tom and Sandra
Post Time: 06/07/2010 20:28:41
Total Forum Posts: 14
Alasdair on Andrew's compuer.

Sorry about the delay. Well, easy to Earth the roof - metal rod into the ground - well watered hole, possibly with some salt in the water, and a wire up to a good bonded contact with the metal roof. I suepct that the roof is not you problem, but is worth a try. I suspect, if all circuits are switched off, that the problem may be RF - nearby mast, WiFi or cordless phone.