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18/11/2004 - Cancer risk trebles near mobile phone masts


A study encouraged by the German Federal Agency for Radiation Protection by Eger, Hagen, Lucas, Vogel and Voit, examined whether people living within 400 metres of a mobile phone mast were more at risk of developing cancer than those who lived further away.

Case histories of 1,000 patients between 1994 and 2004 were evaluated for the study.

What did they find?

Newly diagnosed cancers were significantly higher among those who had lived for 10 years within 400 metres of the mast, in operation since 1993, compared with those living further away, and the patients had fallen ill on average 8 years earlier.

The conclusion?

People living within 400 metres of the mast in Naila had three times the risk of developing cancer than those living further away. This semms to be an undeniable clustering of cancer cases.

Powerwatch call for government action

The project in Germany is to continue in the form of a register. Powerwatch has been calling for a British register for some years. It would be useful in determining whether residents' experience of increasing cancer rates around mobile phone masts could be quantified and confirmed, or whether, as the 'experts' assure us, such clusters are purely coincidental. Perhaps it is time the government put its money where its mouth is.

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