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Screening Materials Overview

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ECOS Paints

If you are unhappy with the performance of ECOS paints you have purchased due to any endorsement of ours on their website, please read our criticism of ECOS paints and our lack of ability to get the endorsement removed from their site.

Exposure to radiofrequency (microwave) radiation sources

Mobile phone masts

Mobile phone masts radiate microwaves all the time. The distance the microwaves travel will depend on the height of the mast, the power of the equipment, the directionality of the antennas and the geography of the local environment.

It is difficult to predict whether, or by how much a house, school, block of flats, offices, etc. are being irradiated. The only way to find out for certain is to hire a meter designed to accurately measure microwave radiation. EMFields stock the COM and A-COM (designed by us) which are designed specifically for this purpose. They offer a £10 discount on hiring both at once.

There is now reasonably extensive research (see links at the bottom of the page) showing a number of serious health effects as a result of exposure to radiofrequency emissions from sources such as mobile phone masts. These effects include headaches, tiredness, sleep disturbance, nosebleeds, skin rashes, blood pressure and heartbeat changes, mood and behaviour changes, epilepsy, nausea and digestion disturbances, memory or learning problems or a general feeling of being under the weather all the time.

DECT and WiFi in the home or your neighbours' home

Digital cordless phones and wireless enabled computer systems give off microwave emissions all the time. Many wireless routers, even when run off cables, may be emitting radiofrequency signals at levels easily detected with an A-COM.

Out and about in the community - WiFi and WiMax

Schools, colleges and offices are being equipped with wireless systems that can fill the room in which they are working, with microwave radiation of different levels depending on where you are sitting.

WiFi is being rolled out in our city centres, shopping malls, libraries, trains, planes, etc. Trying to find a place where you are not exposed is beginning to be a nightmare for those who are sensitive to microwaves.

What you can do about it

As with other allergies such as penicillin and peanuts, these obvious external symptoms do not seem to affect everybody. If you feel that you or anybody in your family may be affected, you might want to consider screening yourselves from the incoming microwaves. This can be quite straightforward, but it does have to be done carefully. We believe that 'EMF and Microwave protection for you and your family' is a good guide.

EMFields have microwave monitors, to hire or buy, that can tell you if you are being exposed at home, and that you can take with you to find out where you can go in your locality avoiding the places which are radiated most.

EMFields also have a wide range of screening materials available. We only stock products with a measurable effect on RF exposure levels - we are not interested in gizmos that may look interesting but are not effective in giving you the protection you are looking for.

If you are concerned that you or a member of your family may be affected by incoming microwave radiation, such as from a nearby mobile phone base station or DECT phone next door, there are a number of things you can do to stop the microwaves from polluting your home.

  • Windows - These can be screened with one of the three different types of material , which, carefully fitted, stop over 98% of incoming radiation.
  • Walls - Walls and ceilings can be carefully painted with special carbon paint. One coat stops over 98% of the incoming microwave radiation. The paint is organic, water based, and can be painted over with ordinary emulsion paint of your chosen colour.
  • Beds - You can also purchase bed canopies, in 3 sizes, for single, double or king-size beds, which are easily and quickly fixed in place. They are made of the silver plated bobbinet material and prevent over 98% of incoming microwave radiation from reaching the sleeping person.
  • Personal protection - headnets can give you personal protection from pulsed microwaves in the home, garden, and out and about in the community.

Research into Phone Mast health effects

The following are links into recent research finding strong evidence that phone mast emissions may well be having harmful effects on a significant proportion of the exposed population (Links are to Powerwatch stories, with links to original documents within):

  • Inhabitants living nearby mobile phone base stations at risk of developing neuropsychiatric problems and some changes in the performance of neurobehavioral functions either by facilitation or inhibition. Abdel-Rassoul 2006
  • Despite very low exposure to radiation from mobile phone masts, effects on wellbeing and performance cannot be ruled out Hutter 2006
  • REFLEX report showing mobile phone radiation damages living cells in vitro (December 2004)
  • Cancer risk trebles near mobile phone masts - Eger 2004 and Wolf & Wolf 2004
  • Spanish study into "Microwave Sickness" near two phone masts (August 2004)
  • GSM Mobile Phone Emissions causing brain neuron death (2003)
  • GSM Mobile Phone Emissions increasing brain tumour incidence (2003)

Psychosomatic effects eliminated in bird research:

  • Microwaves from mobile phone masts interfere with the reproduction and behaviour of white storks Balmori 2005

For more details, see our article library.

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