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14/01/2002 - Two new studies confirm ELF exposure increases the chance of a miscarriage

In early 2001 scientists working for the California Health Board reported that, in their opinion, a greater than 50% chance that pregnant women were more likely to miscarry if they were exposed to relatively low but "higher than usual" power frequency magnetic fields. Now a new study in Epidemiology (Jan 2002) reports a three-fold increase in women who were exposed to 1.6 microtesla or above, especially if the fields were intermittent. Their finding remained true even after adjustment for 30 other risk factors such as drug use, heavy lifting work, previous induced abortions, etc.

This means that pregnant women should avoid travelling on electric trains(!) where passenger exposure regularly exceeds 1.6 microtesla, and avoid using electric food mixers, microwave ovens, electric hobs, other hand-held electric appliances, and living or working close to electrical installations including overhead power lines! All of these (and more) will cause intermittent exposure to fields over 1.6 microtesla.