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26/10/2004 - New links between Phones and Tumours

Professor Kundi at the Institute of Environmental Health in Austria, and 3 colleagues in Sweden, looked at nine epidemiological studies of mobile phone use and cancer risk. They also put the studies into the context of previously published research on occupational and other microwave exposure, discussed potential biological mechanisms and compared the research with work on risk associated with chemical exposure.

Layman's Summary

They said that the scientific method in all of the studies was imperfect for different reasons, but they were able to conclude that when sufficient time was allowed for slowly developing illnesses, there was an increased risk of developing cancer in people who used a mobile phone. The risk of developing acoustic neuroma tripled and the risk of uveal melanoma quadrupled. This confirms the recent finding of Lonn, Ahlbom, Hall & Feychting. The paper contains a useful synopsis of studies investigating high-frequency EMF and cancer published since 1990.

Journal article

Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part B, 7:351-384, 2004