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03/12/2004 - Government Guidelines may be 500 times too dangerous

Applying WHO air quality precaution would set EMF guidance to 0.2 microtesla

This downloadable summary sheet, entitled "comparison of the precautionary approach to exposure to Air Pollution and to Power Frequency Magnetic Fields", produced by Professor Denis Henshaw for the UK SAGE group workshop on 23 November 2004, compares and contrasts the differing approaches to precaution from exposure to air pollution and to power frequency magnetic fields. It takes its material principally from the PowerPoint presentation of Professor Michael Kundi at the CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA Scientific Conference in September 2004. See website (His presentation can be downloaded the following page: "Programme" >> "Day 5" >> "Programme").

  • There is evidence of an increased leukaemia risk in children
  • There is some support from long-term animal studies
  • There is some support from in vitro studies and a plausible and testable mechanistic hypothesis
  • A precautionary procedure as applied for air pollutants would result in a recommended exposure standard of 0.2 µT (2 mG), not 100 µT as currently recommended by ICNIRP and the UK NRPB

Download the summary sheet from here:

Word Version, 37.5kb - Word (37.5k)
PDF Version, 42.3kb - PDF (42.3k)