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02/02/2005 - Dirty Electricity

Filters to clean up electricity seem to be effective in the States, Canada & Barbados at removing some people's ill health symptoms. Because of the British way of earthing our supplies, it may not be so much of a problem in the UK.

'Dirty' electricity may be responsible for some ill-health problems in the Americas. Dr Magda Havas, Associate Professor of Environmental Resource Studies at Trent University, Canada, has been researching the effects of electricity surges in the power supplied to people's houses and schools. She believes that particular frequencies in the power supply and surges of energy are absorbed by the body and are the cause of various health problems. These include headaches, fatigue, sleep problems, loss of energy, aches and pains and depression.

A Canadian school was fitted with filters to the electricity supply. Health symptoms among the staff were monitored. 55% 0f the teachers reported improvements whilst the filters were in place. Diabetics and sufferers of multiple sclerosis have shown some improvement as a result of the filters.

Powerwatch has tested the mains electricity supply for high-frequency noise in various places across the UK. Because of the way our mains power supply is wired and earthed, we do not believe that UK domestic supplies are generally much affected by the higher frequencies that are reduced by these filters. Schools, colleges and workplaces with lots of high-tech and computer equipmentmay benefit from having these filters fitted. Fitting the filters will reduce HF noise on your power supply and help to provide a quieter electromagnetic environment.

Having a DECT cordless phone or wireless computer modem/LAN in your house will continuously create far more high-frequency noise than you will ever get from your electricity supply, even without filters.

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