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30/03/2005 - Science, Money and Politics

Concerningly, some people within the industry feel that it is in their best interests to stand against scientific progress. Linked here are articles that make for an interesting read.

The following is an email circular from Louis Slesin, the editor of "Microwave News" (A highly respected EMF and Microwave newsletter, based in the US):

A couple of weeks ago, Columns, the University of Washington alumni magazine, ran a cover story on Henry Lai's work on the health effects of microwave radiation and their possible implications to cell phones. You can read it at:

'Columns', University of Washington - http://www.washington.edu/alumni/columns/march05/wakeupcall01.html

The article begins by describing a phone call someone made to the NIH trying to shut Lai down soon after he found that microwaves could break up DNA. On our blog, we said that Bill Guy had made the call (see the March 11 entry).

A little background: Guy has --arguably-- been the most important establishment player in the microwave health controversy over the last 30 years.

A week later, we received an angry, three-page letter from Guy. "I most vehemently and unequivocally deny that I, or anybody that I am aware of, made any calls to NIH...," he wrote.

We went back to our files. Our conclusion is that we don't think that Guy's memory is serving him well.

But this is really a story about how the wireless industry has closed down health research in the U.S., while aggressively discrediting all findings suggestive of a risk.

Guy's letter to Microwave News and our response are posted on our Web site. Simply go to:

Microwave News - "From the Field"