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09/02/2006 - HPA-RPD ignore modern science in new report

The HPA-RPD today issued a narrow minded report 'Power Frequency Electromagnetic Fields, Melatonin and the Risk of Breast Cancer' which is more typical of the ancient and useless NRPB reports which appeared to be based in the scientific dark-ages. They haven't bothered to cite or assess some of the most important and recent good papers on the subject. We had hoped for something more comprehensive and useful, but instead this is a failure to carry out the role that they are paid out of public taxes to fulfil.

We will provide detailed comments on the report in the next few days. In the meantime you can view this series of slides from a talk given to a World Health Organisation meeting in 2004 by Professor Denis Henshaw. The paper from this talk was published in 2005 by Bioelectromagnetics and the first page is available here.

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