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22/06/2006 - Preliminary Indian Study finds DNA damage in mobile phone users

A recent study from the department of Human Genetics, Guru Nanak Dev University in India has found a large increase in DNA damage and micronucleated cells in long term users of mobile phones. This is research that should be readily replicatable, as the exposure frequencies and length of exposure are matchable in most European countries.

At the end of the study, involving 24 mobile phone users and 20 controls, 40% of the cells were found to be damaged in the mobile phone users and only 10% were damaged in the control group. Further to this there were 5 times as many micronucleated cells found in the mobile phone users' blood.

The summary was as follows: "These results highlight a correlation between mobile phone use (exposure to RFR) and genetic damage and require interim public health actions in the wake of widespread use of mobile telephony."

Powerwatch CommentsIt is a shame that sample size was so small, as whilst the results are undeniably strong it should now be possible to collect a larger number of cases and controls in the UK to repeat the study. If replicated, this will be a startling addition to the case that mobile phones are causing genuine and measurable negative health effects to the general population.

[Taken from this Omega News story]
[View study on the Indian Journal of Human Genetics website]

Also in the news

Mobile Phones "as addictive as smoking"

Omega News have just covered an Australian study that has found that people can become truly addicted to their mobile phones, up to the point they need therapy to deal with the problem. Though we are not going to say that they are more addictive or less addictive than anything else (despite the news headline taken from Omega's site) it is a good indication of both why people can get so defensive about phones being harmful and a good indication of how saturated our lives have become with the usage of mbile phones.

For those interested in further reading, here is a further study that investigated possible neurological effects of mobile phones:

Lai H, Carino MA et al (1992), Single vs. repeated microwave exposure: effects on benzodiazepine receptors in the brain of the rat, Bioelectromagnetics 1992;13(1):57-66 - [link]

[Link to Omega News story]

Stockholm puts ban on cell phones

Stockholm transit officials are designating special cell phone zones because of complaints about electromagnetic fields and loud, one-sided conversations. Beginning in August, commuters caught using phones outside the specific areas risk fines, The Times of London reported Friday. The designated areas replace an all-out ban that came as a shock -- cell phone-maker Ericsson is headquartered in Sweden, and many Swedes do not even bother installing landlines in their homes.

[Link to Political Gateway story in full]