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17/01/2008 - Health Minister misleads the House of Commons

On the 14th of January, Dawn Primarolo, Secretary of State for Health, had to answer the following question presented to her in the House of Commons: "... what recent research her Department has commissioned into the potential effect on health of mobile telephone masts."

Sadly, her response was extremely poor, falling back on old and out-of-date HPA advice and weak summaries of MTHR evidence that does not match the data in the research.

In fairness to her, she has no real biological or scientific background and has to rely on advice she is given to make her reply, but it does beg the questions of how competent our Health Protection Agency is on keeping on top of the evidence of possible risk to health. She quotes the following:

"... exposure levels from living near to mobile phone base stations are extremely low, and the overall evidence indicates that they are unlikely to pose a risk to health"

HPA advice to the Department of Health, December 2007

One can't help but wonder what evidence exactly the HPA has been looking at, because there are not a large number of papers looking at base station exposure published. Those that are out there are not encouraging, with links to cancer[1][2], "Microwave Syndrome" effects[3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10], cellular effects[11 - review of multiple papers], and animal studies[12][13][14]. In contrast to the issues with mobile phones, there have been almost no epidemiological studies that have not found a link between living proximity to mobile phone base stations and some form of health effect.

This was then followed by a reference to the 2007 MTHR report, which summarised that "None of the research published in its 2007 report so far demonstrates that biological or adverse health effects are produced by radiofrequency exposure from mobile phones or base stations."

This is a bizarre manipulation of the truth (again, this is the fault of the MTHR, not Dawn Primarolo). As we previously covered, despite the serious flaws that the INTERPHONE studies had, a number of the papers still managed to find concerning, statistically significant, increases in brain tumours for people using the phone for over 10 years[15][16][17] - This is completely inline with Hardell's work over the last 5 years finding exactly the same thing[18][19][20].


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For a more comprehensive overview of the existing literature on mobile phones and their base stations, see our studies list


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