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10/06/2008 - Chronic UMTS exposure promotes tumours in mice

The preliminary results of a new pilot study, conducted at ITEM, Hannover, and presented at the 17th FGF Workshop in Berlin last week, showed distinct tumor-promoting effects of chronic UMTS exposure beginning at the fetal stage in the offspring of ENU-treated mice.

Using chronic UMTS exposure (20 hours/day, 7 days/week, 24 months) the authors found distinct tumour-promoting effects of chronic UMTS exposure in this ENU mouse model. However, it must be noted that the medium exposure level was 4.8 W/m2 (~42 V/m, basically ICNIRP guidance level) and the high exposure level ten times higher. Whilst these findings show definite effects on mouse tumours, the exposures are orders of many orders of magnitude above typical day to day chronic exposures for anyone. There are also difficulties in assessing the importance of these studies as mouse models are not inherently relevant to human health.

This is an important study, and demonstrates further RF effects on living systems, but must also be taken in context.


Coverage on Omega News - Coverage on Omega News
Presentation abstract (see page 10 of document) - Presentation abstract (see page 10 of document)

Also in the news

Vitamin supplementation ameliorates GSM-induced damage in mice

Researchers from Turkey have found that mobile phone-induced oxidative stress can be ameliorated by vitamin C and E supplementation. This is not only evidence of cellular damage caused by exposure to 900 MHz mobile telephony radiation, but also that the damage is triggered by the creation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), giving a plausible biological mechanism.

View abstract on PubMed - View abstract on PubMed

Mast Sanity deliver letter to the Prime Minister's office

A Mast Sanity delegation of Trustee Yasmin Skelt and Simon Densley delivered a letter to Gordan Brown covering the BioInitiative report, brain tumours and phone risks, and the inadequacy of INCIRP guidance levels.

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