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25/08/2008 - Recent Papers - Scientific Update

The following is a quick summary of another four papers that have come out recently related to effects of electromagnetic radiation.

1. P Binhi V, (July 2008) Do naturally occurring magnetic nanoparticles in the human body mediate increased risk of childhood leukaemia with EMF exposure?, Int J Radiat Biol. 2008 Jul;84(7):569-79 [View Author's abstract conclusions] [View on Pubmed]

Physicist Vladimir Binhi has published work supporting his theorythat haematopoietic stem cells contain magnetic nanoparticles, and that the effect of the magnetic fields from low levels of powerfrequency electromagnetic fields could be at least partly responsible for the increase in childhood leukaemia. This is yet another mechanistic theory for the rise that has been consistently found in the scientific literature.

As far as we are aware, this is a completely novel theory that has not been researched by other laboratories elsewhere in the world.

2. P Yan JG et al, (2008) Upregulation of specific mRNA levels in rat brain after cell phone exposure, Electromagn Biol Med. 2008;27(2):147-54 [View Author's abstract conclusions] [View on Pubmed]

The latest research into cellular damage from the medical college of Wisconsin in the US has found that mobile phone exposure can cause significant neurological damage in rats.

This paper supports a number of other papers showing in vivo cellular damage from mobile phone exposure in living systems[Oktem 2005, Oral 2006, Ferreira 2006, Panagopoulos 2007].

3. P Korenstein-Ilan A et al, (August 2008) Terahertz radiation increases genomic instability in human lymphocytes, Radiat Res. 2008 Aug 1;170(2):224-34 [View Author's abstract conclusions] [View on Pubmed]

Researchers from the Tel-Aviv University in Israel have found that exposure to CW (Continuous Wave) 100 GHz radiation causes increased aneuploidy and genomic instability to 3 chromosomes in human lymphocyte cells. This could potentially give a causative mechanism for the radiation to an increased risk of cancer.

The levels of exposure were quite high (0.31 Wm-2), but this is still considerable under ICNIRP guidance levels, both at occupational levels (50 Wm-2 - 150-fold difference), and even at residential grades (10 Wm-2 - 30-fold difference). 100 GHz is considerably over the frequency used by mobile phones and WiFi, and the signal is continuous wave, but it is further evidence of detrimental non-thermal effects caused by non-ionising radiation that the ICNIRP guidance levels are not protective against.

4. P Andrzejak R et al, (August 2008) The influence of the call with a mobile phone on heart rate variability parameters in healthy volunteers, Ind Health. 2008 Aug;46(4):409-17 [View Author's abstract conclusions] [View on Pubmed]

Polish scientists from Wroclaw medical university have found further evidence that mobile phone calls (call duration 20 minutes) can affect EEG readings in healthy subjects (though they added that it was not possible to effectively cater for the possible confounding factor of how the subject talking may affect the readings). This supports other research over the last 5 years looking into EEG effects from mobile phone usage[Aalto 2006, Krause June 2006, D'Costa 2003, Kramarenko 2003, Bachman2006].