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24/02/2014 - Power lines activate toxic pollutants

New UK Power line Study suggests atmospheric atom bomb testing caused rise in child leukaemia

The study provides, for the first time, some evidence that corona discharges from high voltage UK powerlines may have made radionuclides from atomic bomb testing more toxic and this supports Denis Henshaw's high-voltage power line charged aerosol hypothesis


Ionising radiation is one of the very few known cause of leukaemia and other cancers.

UK Powerwatch's Alasdair Philips believes that the BJC paper has accidentally provided good evidence, for the first time, for childhood cancer cases resulting from powerline corona charging radionuclides from atmospheric atomic bomb testing making them far more bio-active by being retained in the lung and entering the bloodstream. The above graph shows the official ionising radiation effective dose from atmospheric atomic weapons testing radionuclides, along with the elevated risks found in this latest power line study. Note, the increased risk is that compared to children living more than 1 km from any HV power line - i.e. it is associated with living relatively close to large high-voltage powerlines.

This issue is important as it won't only affect atomic fallout, but will also affect traffic and industrial pollution — so HV overhead lines and polluting sources should not be co-located near to housing or schools.

The HV powerlines may not be a direct cause after, say, 100 metres when magnetic fields are down to background levels, but they would be an amplifying co-causal factor in the increased incidence of CL (and probably various adult cancers). This would better explain the persistent but variable association of childhood leukemia with distance out to several hundreds of metres from large powerlines.

Powerwatch's first response to the BJC study.

More on the corona-ion charged aerosol theory.

Denis Henshaw's website.

Download the CERRIE Report (2 MB pdf).

Posted by Alasdair Philips 24-Feb-2014. Slight text changes 25-Feb-2014

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