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19/02/2016 - Australian ABC TV Catalyst RF/WiFi documentary

A really excellent Australian documentary by Maryanne Demasi

This controversial ABC Catalyst programme is well worth watching. It usefully airs issues that are regularly hidden out of view by Governments, industry and official public health regulators.
The programme has raised a backlash of criticism from these groups - however, when put on the spot, they state "We have never said that mobile phones and low-power wireless devices are safe".

Maryanne Demasi, the producer and presenter of the programme, has responded to some of the criticism in an article in Huffington Post entitled 'Sometimes Asking Questions Provides You With Answers That May Be Uncomfortable'.

She writes: "The claims that our program 'should never have aired' should not sit well with the public. At best, it's an over-reaction. At worst, it's a form of censorship. Sometimes in science asking questions provides you with answers that may be unsettling. Not because they are conclusive, but because they are inconclusive. It's the duty of scientists and science reporters to encourage critical thinking on issues that are still up for debate."

"Several other counties around the world have more stringent radio frequency safety thresholds than Australia... In France, they restrict advertising of mobile phones to children. They have also banned Wi-Fi in nurseries and day care centres. So I decided to investigate. Why are some countries making these changes and not Australia? To say that this is a fringe view is not sustainable."

On Monday 15th February 2016, the UK Guardian newspaper posted an article by Maryanne. Then on Wednesday 17th they published an opposing piece by a Dr Grimes[1].

Parents' WiFi concerns in Maryland are reported by TV News

'Safe Tech For Schools Maryland' consists of parents, teachers and concerned citizens calling for safe technology in schools. They write: "Wireless is radiation that many physicians say is unsafe. Wired solutions exist! Let's do it!"


1/. Dr David Robert Grimes is a young physicist and cancer researcher at Oxford University. In 2014 he jointly won the John Maddox Prize present by the Sense about Science Charity. They, along with the Science Media Centre, claim to present scientific truths to the public. In reality they always seem to support the 'Establishment view' and do their utmost to prevent any safety questions being raised about man-made chemicals, radiation, EMFs, vaccines, etc. The Science Media Centre even specialises in 'lock-in journalist briefings' where organisations can Press Release their work to a hand-picked list of journalists along with a panel of hand-picked supportive scientists to answer questions. Experts with differing views wanting to ask legitimate challenging questions are completely excluded from these events. The briefings are usually timed so that they finish late morning and there is no time for the journalists to make other investigations before filing their stories for the mid-day news. This is an extreme form of professional spin that distorts rather than helps humanity understand scientific and technological developments. Science Media Centres now exist in various countries. See Sourcewatch for some more background information about the SMC network.