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16/07/2018 - Internal science database made available

In an attempt to organise and keep up with all of the research on electromagnetic fields and health, some years ago we developed an internal scientific paper database software that we could use to categorise and sort peer-reviewed papers and articles. Due to the amount of time and effort we've spent collecting the material, we have recently decided put up a simple public search window into our internal scientific paper database for public access.

Full papers that are not freely accessible from the journal are not hosted, but links to the pubmed page and from there to the journal article page are. You can search for particular authors or topics and then save the search to an EXEL format file.

We encourage people to try using this facility, also linked on the navigation on the left hand side of the site, particularly with respect to giving feedback to make it more useful or increase it's publicly available functionality.

The only thing we've included so far from our internal system is the search and paper viewing functionality, but it would be possible to add additional functions if they were useful. There are currently over 14,300 papers on the system, and if there are any articles that you feel should be in there but seem to be absent, please also inform us of these and we will make sure to include them.

At present we do not have the time resources to make the whole system publicly available, but you can get some idea of what lies behind the available indexing view by looking at one of the main screens below.

projects page

An active personal Projects page