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29/08/2018 - Cancer in Children and Young People 2018

Children with Cancer UK are holding a three day conference in September on the causes of child, teenage and young adult cancer, and the way forward regarding both its treatment and prevention. There will be speakers from a number of disciplines, covering environmental exposures, diet and other lifestyle issues, the role of melatonin in cancer prevention and treatment, and progress on the development of both traditional and alternative treatment therapies.

Conference flyer

Examples of speakers and presentations

Dr Fiorella Belpoggi Prof Richard Stevens Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe

Dr Fiorella Belpoggi

Looking at both extremely low frequency and radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, this talk is focused around the possible impacts of electromagnetic field exposures below ICNIRP guidance levels on cancer, following up previous work from the laboratory showing the impact of ELF EMFs on increasing the risk of other known carcinogens. Although most of the exposures in this study (for both ELF and RF fields) are in excess of those that are likely to be found in normal daily life, the lower exposures are possible in residences and all the exposure levels are below those permitted by ICNIRP basic guidance levels.

Prof Richard Stevens

One of the forefathers of the research into the importance of the circadian rhythm (a clear day/night cycle) on human health, there has been a lot of research demonstrating that nocturnally produced pineal melatonin is critical for a number of processes in the human immune system. Professor Stevens produced early evidence of increased breast cancer risk from night shift workers, which is now considered to be a generally accepted phenomenon, and will be talking about how a human's day/night rhythm can be developed or damaged as early as in utero exposure, and discusses the possible impact of establishing a consistent routine from an early age.

Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe

The founder of PHIRE (Physicians' Health Initiative for Radiaton and Environment), Dr Mallery-Blythe has worked tirelessly to maintain a wealth of credible scientific literature demonstrating that the evidence of ill health from electromagnetic fields is sufficient to warrant precautionary action. Their mission statement is geared towards both educating medical and academic professionals about the current state of the science and collaborating with policy makers on how to reduce public exposure to EMFs, and she will be talking about ....

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