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Mission and Aims

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Powerwatch's mission is to help secure for the general public as safe an electromagnetic environment as possible, whilst enjoying the benefits of an appropriate technological lifestyle.

We work with senior people in government, parliament, business, universities and campaigning groups to identify and inform about the biological effects of electromagnetic field exposure, and to encourage precautionary steps to be taken.

Our main aims

  • Reporting about the known science: to enable the general public to have access to clear, independent information as to the hazards of powerfrequency and radiofrequency electromagnetic fields.
  • Clarifying new scientific ideas: reviewing and commenting on new theories about how living beings are affected by the electrosmog that surrounds us.
  • Policy making: to make the electromagnetic environment a political issue and to integrate it effectively into public policy and decision-making.
  • Fresh thinking: to stimulate new ways of thinking about power distribution and use, and telecommunications methods.