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Vision and Purpose

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Powerwatch wants to see a safer electromagnetic environment, where the generation, distribution and use of power has as its central tenet preserving the safety of the general public especially those who are particularly vulnerable, due to age or illness.

We want to see the health of the general public be the main consideration in the development of the mobile phone network rather just "network share", "least trouble" and shareholder profit. Policy makers have the power to bring about this change, by balancing commercial needs with public safety. Currently (March 2006) the low height, wall mounted and lamp-post type, base stations are the ones that irradiate the public most highly. These base stations do not need any planning permission, nor even any public or council consultation. We believe this is unacceptable for public health and safety reasons. We are also working on EMFs from powerlines, distribution cables and house wiring at a UK national level within the Government's SAGE process.

Our purpose is to persuade and to help policy-makers and politicians to face the complexity of environmental challenges, and the pressures of commerce, by offering well-researched workable solutions. We work through open dialogue and collaboration with NGOs, academics, companies, politicians, local government, the general public and the media.

Powerwatch wants the government and associated policy-makers to adopt a precautionary approach as regards possible health risks.